Sardi jukam ka gharelu upay

Sardi jukam ka gharelu upay

Common cold is also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, excessive catarrh or cold.

Colds are the most common infectious disease in humans. Humans have been taking this disease since ancient times. Cold or cold is not a serious illness to be disturbed. There is no treatment for common cold, but its symptoms are treated. Common symptoms include cough, runny nose, nasal blockage, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, fatigue and loss of appetite. Adults may experience a cold two to three times a year and children six to twelve times.

Nothing feels good after a cold or a cold. Its symptoms appear in the body for 7 - 8 days. There are many types of home remedies that can help you in relieving colds. So, let us tell you about some such home remedies.

Decoction of ginger and basil - Ginger has many health related benefits, but there is no harm in removing cold and cold. Now enough scientific evidence also exists that ginger is the best medicine for colds. Boil a little ginger with a cup of water and add 5-7 leaves of basil to it. Boil this mixture until the water remains half. Now take this decoction. It is very beneficial in curing the cold from root to children and children.

Consumption of more and more beverages - In winter and cold disease, more and more fluids should be consumed. It keeps the respiratory tract moist and also prevents you from getting dehydrated. In such a situation, consumption of hot water, herbal tea, fresh fruit juice and ginger tea is very beneficial. They provide relief from both cold and cough.

Honey - Honey is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. To get relief from sore throat and pain, one should drink honey mixed with lemon tea. Honey is the best cure for cough, but honey should not be given to children below one year. Apart from this, drinking two spoons of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a glass of warm water or hot milk, drinking it, is very beneficial.

Steam - Place your head over a vessel of hot water and breathe through your nose. It provides relief from blocked nose. Or in a large bowl mix the mint in enough hot water as needed. Now cover the head with a light towel and keep it at a distance of about 30 cm from the bowl. In this case, the water bowl should also be properly covered with towels. Now breathe for a minute or two. After that, stop for a while and repeat the same action again.

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