Onion benefits for hair |pyaj ka balon ke liye upyog

Onion benefits for hair |pyaj ka balon ke liye upyog

       Onion benefits for hair 

 If you want your hair to be healthy, shiny and long, then you can use a hair pack made of onion juice. The presence of anti-bacterial and sulfur in the onion nourishes the hair. Hair loss, untimely whiteness, dandruff problem have become common. Onions are a boon for these hair tangles! Onion removes problems of hair loss, dryness, whiteness and bald head. The use of onion works wonders for making hair shiny and strong. With onion juice, you can easily overcome all the problems of your hair at home.

1 - Remove the onion juice in a bowl, massage it by applying it on the skin of your head and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Also wrap the towel over your head so that the hair follicles absorb it. Then wash hair thoroughly with shampoo.

2- By mixing onion juice with oil, it increases hair growth and also nourishes hair. Massage your hair by mixing onion juice with oil. Then wrap a towel and steam it. This remedy removes dead skin cells from scalp, which increases hair growth.

3 - Grind the onion and extract its juice. Add spoon olive oil and coconut oil to it. Apply this mixture to the hair, do not apply this oil to the roots. Wash it with shampoo after putting it for 2 hours. You can apply this pack daily.

4 - Mix onion pulp with beer and coconut oil and apply it on the hair. This mixture has to be kept in the hair for 1 hour, after which shampoo is to be done. This will cause the forces to shine and look dense.

5 - Make an onion paste and mix a few drops of honey in it. Apply this paste to the part of the hair where there is less hair. This is a very effective home remedy for hair growth.

6 - Use of lemon and onion juice also helps in treating dandruff with hair growth. Lemon juice cleanses scalp and reduces hair fall.

7 - Using onion juice is the easiest way for hair growth. For this, you have to put the onion in a glass of rum overnight. Massage your head by filtering this mixture in the morning. This will strengthen your hair and you will start growing hair as soon as possible.

8 - Hair pack made of onion and egg is very beneficial. To make this pack, mix the egg white in the onion juice. Then apply this pack in your wet hair for 25-30 minutes and shampoo it. You can easily make hair long, thick and shiny using hair packs. In addition, applying it will increase the length of the hair and the hair will fall very less.

9 - Apply onion juice on the head and leave it for half an hour and then massage the honey to the root of the hair with hands. This reduces the aroma of onion and also nourishes the hair. After half an hour wash it with mild shampoo.

10 - If dandruff bothers you more, apply onion juice. Mix onion juice in curd and lemon mixture and apply it on hair. Leave it on for half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.

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