Giloy Benefit For Health | gulvel ke fayde

Giloy Benefit For Health | gulvel ke fayde

       Giloy Benefit for health 

Giloy is a nectar-like plant used to cure many diseases. It is used a lot in Ayurveda. It not only cures the disease but also gives strength to the body. You will be surprised to know that the properties of the Giloy plant on which it also climbs. In such a situation, if Giloy is climbed on neem, then he is the best. Today we will learn about the treasure of these qualities. Take special care of one thing, do not consume Giloy leaves and do not consume it more than necessary, otherwise the mouth will get blisters and before giving it to children, please consult your doctor. This post will give complete information about Giloy's health benefits.

Benefits of Giloy

Best for eyes

If you mix Giloy juice in Amla juice, it improves eyesight. Many eye diseases are cured with improvement.
Able to cure fever
If a person is not getting fever even after treatment, then he should eat Giloy daily. If Dengue fever occurs, the medicine called Samphrani Vati is very good. It is made from Giloy. In Ayurveda, it is considered the best medicine for dengue.

Beneficial in diabetes

Giloy is beneficial for those who have sugar disease. Take as little as your finger and extract its juice. Now add a little vine juice to it. Now add a little turmeric and mix it. Now consume this juice daily. With this remedy, sugar remains in the control.

Health Benefits of Giloy

Lose weight

Giloy has the ability to reduce weight. Mix 1 teaspoon honey and Giloy juice daily and drink. Obesity will be overcome by its use.

strong digestive system

Regular intake of Giloy strengthens the digestive system. Mix Amla powder and Giloy powder and consume it. Due to its intake, the count of blood plate increases.

Cure a cold

If cold cough is not cured, then drink two teaspoons of Giloy juice daily. This will make you comfortable.
Immunity system will be strong
It contains antioxidants that make a person's immune system strong. Toxin is released from the liver and kidney by its use and the blood is cleared.


Those who are treating cancer and facing the troubles due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy should take Giloy. It helps in reducing these problems. Immunity will be strong due to its consumption. If a person drinks 20 ml of juice twice a day in the morning and twice a day, then he can overcome the problem of deficiency and loss of red and white blood cells.

Beneficial for bone

If the bone is broken, get a plaster along with a homogenous or guillotivic medicine. Giloy will quickly add bone to this drug.

Beneficial in arthritis

To reduce the pain caused by arthritis, take Ayurvedic medicine of Giloy, along with heating its leaves, apply some oil in it and place it on the painful place and let it sit for 15 minutes. You will be relaxed

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