Kedney stones self care | mutkhada se bachav

Kedney stones self care | mutkhada se bachav

            Kedney stones self care 

Kidney stones start to bother the organism even more. This is because of the severe pain in the abdomen due to kidney stones. It is said that one out of every ten people in India suffers from kidney stones. The bladder flushes out toxins from your body. Which helps in expelling waste products from the body. The kidneys play an important role in our body. Which keeps your body healthy. When improper lifestyle and wrong diet interferes with these functions of the bladder. The toxins in the bladder then form crystalline stones in the bladder. These are called kidney stones or kidney stones. Depending on the size and proportion of the kidney stones, it can cause discomfort. Severe abdominal pain is felt when the symptoms of this disorder do not go away quickly. Which causes you to be diagnosed with kidney stones. In fact, everyone needs to know about this problem. For this you need to know the symptoms, causes and treatment of kidney stones. Also, you need to know how to cure kidney stones with home remedies.

Kidney Stone Causes

Kidney stones or kidney problems can happen to anyone. However, some people are more likely to suffer from kidney stones. Let's find out who can cause kidney stones.

Family History (Family or Personal History)

If your family members have kidney stones, you are more likely to suffer from kidney stones. If mother, father, siblings have had this problem before, you need to be careful about it. In addition, if you have a kidney problem, it is likely to recur in the future.


If you do not drink plenty of water regularly, you are more likely to have kidney stones. This is because you need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep all the functions of the human body running smoothly. But sometimes some people have a habit of drinking too little water. People who live in cold climates or in winter drink less water. Doing so can lead to dehydration and kidney stones.

Improper Diet

Your diet affects your overall health. If your diet is wrong, you are more likely to get kidney stones. Because if you eat too much salt, too much protein, too much sweets, be careful. This is because too much salt and sugar is not drained properly and then these wastes are stored in the bladder and you get kidney stones.


Some people weigh more than their ideal weight. Which makes their body mass index higher. Such people are more likely to have kidney stones. For this, if you are overweight, try to lose it.

Digestive Diseases and Surgery

If you have stomach ailments or have had stomach surgery, you may have this problem. This is because the disease affects your digestive system and can put a strain on your kidneys.

Other Medical Conditions

Some health problems have a direct effect on your bladder. Which causes problems with your bladder function. Causing the bladder to not drain properly. Which increases your chances of getting a kidney stone in the future.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

To diagnose kidney stones, you need to know its main symptoms. This helps in reducing the risk of kidney stones due to timely diagnosis.

Severe Pain In The Side, Back & Stomach

The pain in the abdomen and back caused by kidney stones is unbearable. People who suffer from it say that these pains are as intense as labor pains. Many are diagnosed with kidney stones only after experiencing such severe pain. These pains usually start in the abdomen. These pains are felt because the urine is not clean. In addition, these pains cause you to have difficulty urinating.

Inflammation During Urine

If your bladder or bladder starts to pass out of the bladder into the urethra, it causes inflammation while urinating. This causes huge discomfort when passing urine. It can also cause a urinary tract infection.

Blood in Urine

Kidney stones are very hard. Moreover, these stones are slowly excreted from the bladder through the urethra. These stones get stuck in the urinary tract, which can lead to blood in the urine. Which sometimes causes blood to flow from the patient's urethra after passing urine. Urinary tract injuries make it difficult to urinate.

Smelly Urine

You can tell if you are in good health through defecation or urination. Kidney stones can cause obstruction in your urinary tract. As a result, you do not get urine properly. Urine excretes toxins from the body. However, due to obstruction of this function, urine remains stored in the body. Lack of drainage of waste products makes your urine smell bad and also causes foamy urine.

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