Methi khane ke fayde |benefits of fenugreek

Methi khane ke fayde |benefits of fenugreek

                    benefits of fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are commonly used in every Indian kitchen. Used in everything from vegetable to paratha. While it is tasty in food, it also has many benefits from the Ayurveda perspective. Including them in food can have many health benefits, but there are many advantages as well as its disadvantages. In some cases, it can cause many problems. Let's know about the disadvantages of eating fenugreek.


Of course, diabetic patients are advised to consume fenugreek, but excessive consumption can also cause problems. If the fenugreek is taken more than definitely, the sugar level in the blood can be affected.

Foul smell of body and urine

Usually, due to bacteria or any infection, the body starts to smell, but in some cases fenugreek can also cause it. Consumption of fenugreek in large amounts causes bad odor from body and urine.


Although, fenugreek seeds are good for the digestive system, but eating more fenugreek than course can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. If breastfeeding women have stomach upset by eating it, it can also cause diarrhea in the infant. Therefore, stop taking it as soon as you see any such symptoms.


Consumption of fenugreek seeds may cause hypoglycemia to some mothers. Blood pressure is reduced drastically, due to which there is insufficient supply of glucose to the brain. In this situation, brain damage or death can occur.

For blood pressure

Soaked fenugreek is very beneficial for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. Soak soya and fenugreek in water at night and the next day five grams in the morning and evening should be taken. This will improve blood circulation and will also provide relief in blood pressure.

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